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Debugging Issues with Ionic Pro

I’ve recently been working with team members to build proof of concept mobile applications for various customers.  In doing so, I mentioned that we could build these proof of concepts pretty easily using the Ionic Framework and their Ionic Creator product.  We found this to be really useful from the get go and we were to able to create these proof of concepts extremely quickly but we ran into some hard to debug errors when trying to build them on Ionic Pro

Today, I’ll be running through some of these in an attempt to help others figure out their issues.

When you want to use Ionic Creator purchase through the Ionic Pro account…


At the time of this writing (09/13/2017), Ionic Creator can be used for free but with a very limited feature set.  It is a drag and drop UI creator that will let you quickly build the front-end components of your mobile application.  For just small price per month you can have access to all of it’s features.  Where we messed up, is that we purchased the paid account through the Ionic Creator site this means we didn’t have Ionic Pro account but Ionic Creator Pro Account.


If you purchase, Ionic Pro developer license, you get Ionic Creator included and it is only a few dollars more expensive.  This was confusing for us so hopefully this will help you.

Error: spawn EACCES


When attempting to do a build using Ionic Pro Native builds for an Ionic V1 application we were getting the following error:

Running command: …/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js
Error: spawn EACCES

We attempted to do all sorts of permissions and access problems but couldn’t get around out it.  We even tried debugging this using a blank default template provided by the Ionic CLI which also had this issue.


Eventually we just deleted this file because if it can’t get around it just get rid of it.  Lo, and behold, this fixed our issues and Ionic Pro started to build our applications successfully.

CodeSign Error: code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘Device – iOS 4.1’


This error often occurred when either the mobile provisioning profile, the certificate, or the app Id did not match in a way that Ionic Pro expected it to.   Any one of those things needs to be checked to fix it.


The easiest thing that I found was to recreate the provisional profile with the App Id that you expect.  So if you’re mobile apps config.xml app Id is com.ionic.test you better make sure your provisioning profile also has that as well.


While this list is small, I think this may help others with some issues they are having.  I plan on updating this list with new stuff as I find and replace old stuff as it becomes fixed.  Hope it helps!



By Brett The Whitt

Brett is a web development consultant and has been working for more than 12 years. He specializes in hybrid mobile app development and using front end frameworks such as AngularJS. Always passionate about continuous education, he has been most recently mentoring and encouraging his co-workers to become better speakers. To further this growth, he leads Lightning Talk Nights and other events at his job at HMB Inc

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