About Me

Who is Brett Whittington?

That’s a good question!  Sometimes I’m not even sure myself.  Currently, I am software developer who lives in Central Ohio as a consultant.  My official title is Senior Consultant and Sitefinity Lead but I wear many hats as most developers do.  I began developing web applications since 2005 and I haven’t looked back.

My main development focus has mostly been on the front-end/middle tier but I have experience working with the whole development stack.  Currently, my favorite technologies is to work with good ole JavaScript whether it be in AngularJS or whatever popular framework people are excited about.  I do have lots of experience working with MVC and Web API as well.  Lately I’ve been doing a ton of mobile development work using the Ionic Framework.

When not coding, I spend a significant portion of my work life mentoring my peers and leading small groups in public speaking.  I believe that nothing teaches someone more than trying to explain a concept to someone else.  It’s the best way to achieve growth in professional and personal life.

Thanks for reading my blog!  If it helps you even a little bit, my work is done.