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Visual Studio Starter Kit for Ionic 3

Updated for Ionic 3.9.2

Just updated on 11/28/2017 – This was mostly just updating NPM packages but the main thing was to add the vendor.js file to the index.html

Updated for Ionic 3.7.1

Just updated on 10/20/2017 – There were a few things that needed to be done to the solution instead of just updating the NPM packages.

First update the index.html with:

<!– all code from node_modules directory is here –>

Then added the bolded text to the service-worker.js



What did I learn today

Today I spent several hours setting up a default Ionic 3 project on my local machine and spent several more hours setting up Ionic Package to upload and build my Android application.  While the instructions were not easy, I spent a lot of time looking at various different resources.  This post will compile this list of resources and list the steps I used to get a very basic project up and running.  This is my attempt to create a Visual Studio Starter Kit using Ionic 3 and Ionic Package