Client-side PDF Generation with AngularJS

Creating PDF’s with Client Side JavaScript Sucks!

I’ve learned that creating PDFs with JavaScript is not easy but it can be done and can be done well.  It can be done using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.  In this post, I’ll be using AngularJS but I’ve seen how this can be done with Angular as well.  There can be a lot of gotchas especially if you need it to work on mobile.

So let’s get to it!


.NET Identity Claims Are Under-utilized

What did I learn today?

Today I realized how I may have been under-utilizing .NET Identity Claims for a long time.  I’ve only really used identity claims under normal circumstances which basically just handled default information about a logged in user; Name, Email, etc.  Until recently this was usually enough. However, I recently have had 2 instances where if I did not extend the default claims, I would need to write an enormous amount of code.  Without using claims, I would either have to write code to pass values between services or constantly look it up from a database.

Today’s post will describe two ways I have recently used .NET Identity Claims to solve problems that would have required a lot of rework and code.