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Coding Personalities Episode #5

On this episode of Coding Personalities, Brett and Kelsey are joined by Vince Paulson.  They discuss how Vince got into software development, the Global Azure Bootcamp in Columbus and Swamp Guides!

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*Brett and Kelsey’s opinions only represent themselves and not any other organization or their employer.

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#CodingPersonalities Episode #4

On this episode of Coding Personalities, Kelsey and I are joined by Mike Hand.  We discuss how Mike got into software development, issues developers face starting out and throughout their careers in software development, and how to go from “Chair to Debonair.”  Mike talks about how developers can start speaking more at conferences no matter the skillset, topic idea, or experiences.

*My and Kelsey’s opinions only represent ourselves and not any other organization or our employer

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Becoming a Tech Conference Speaker: Creating Your Presentation


There are already a ton of groups, tips, and blogs that are out there that will help you learn to become a great speaker.  This post won’t go into a lot those topics because simply Googling will you get there.  What I will be doing though is describing the process that I use to come up with my speaking ideas, created my decks, and practicing for the upcoming conferences.

I hope to give you another perspective on taking your speaking to the next level and the tips and tricks I use to get there.  This will be a multipart series on becoming a conference speaker.  This post specifically is about creating your presentation!


Self Evaluations: Talking about Yourself without being a Jerk

Don’t be a Jerk!

I’m writing this post to write about what I believe everyone should be doing with their career.  It will be opinionated but hopefully it will give you some good ideas on how to make sure you get what you deserve.  But why should you listen to me?  Good question,  I’ve been a part giving reviews for several years and have given the whole spectrum of results.  I am also a bit selfish.  I hate giving reviews on poor performance and so I want to help everyone out so I don’t ever have to do that again.