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Implementing SASS in Angular Core 2 Visual Studio Template

What did I learn today?

Today I found that the Visual Studio 2017 Core 2 template for Angular does not include any type of CSS preprocessor despite having WebPack installed.  I can understand that they want let people pick the CSS system they prefer but I feel not to include something is a huge miss.  My favorite CSS preprocessor is SASS.

This quick post will describe how to get SASS preprocessing with file watches setup using WebPack in Visual Studio.


Stupid Easy Instructions To Implement SASS into your Visual Studio Project

I found that there are still many developers not using a CSS preprocessor to simplify their web development when it comes to styling.  You don’t have to be a “front-end” guy to do it and it actually does make life way more simple.  Dare I say that you might actually enjoy working on styles?