Episode #2: GIT the Princess

In the second episode of Coding Personalities, Kelsey and Italk with Ryan Quellhorst a QA Professional (Tester) who discusses his experience joining the testing realm, how testers and developers can work together, and AngularJS with Kelsey and me.  Kelsey, Ryan, and I also discuss a comic strip called ‘Git the Princess’ and why the comic is so funny.

Git the Princess: How to Save the Princess in 8 Programming Languages

You can contact Ryan Quellhorst on LinkedIn

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By Brett The Whitt

Brett is a web development consultant and has been working for more than 12 years. He specializes in hybrid mobile app development and using front end frameworks such as AngularJS. Always passionate about continuous education, he has been most recently mentoring and encouraging his co-workers to become better speakers. To further this growth, he leads Lightning Talk Nights and other events at his job at HMB Inc

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